Digital Communities

Published on: 29/12/2020


Digital transformation is sweeping across the UK and, although the world has been wrestling with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that any business involved in IT or with processes reliant on technology have been relatively unaffected by the virus and continued to operate. But what is digital transformation and why is it integral to the changing world we live in?

In this programme "Digital Communities” we spoke to three industry experts to find out how they have coped with the virus and what they plan to do next.

QRoutes is a routing engine designed to meet the needs of local authorities planning schools and SEN transport. It harnesses the full-potential of information technology in an online tool and leaves out the baggage of expensive, bloated and hard-to-maintain systems. The result is nimble and powerful.

True Compliance is a cloud-based compliance management software for housing providers, contractors and consultants and built to be simple, smart and effective at managing your risk. The system is designed to be customised from the ground up, giving each user support to manage their compliance areas.

Empowering Communities is a social enterprise that uses technology to empower vulnerable people, and the practitioners who help them. Their systems allow vulnerable people to be fully seen and supported while addressing the real-world problems of the social support sector, including tight budgets and a stretched workforce.

Published Date: 29/12/2020