Sustainability in UK Spill Response

Posted on: 21/04/2023

There is now a consensus across industry, international governments and the public that environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and damage to ecosystems can no longer be ignored and must be tackled before it becomes too late to minimise the dangers that they pose, not just now but to future generations.

A vital aspect of working towards a healthier, sustainable and ecologically friendly planet is the effective, fast and professional management of toxic spills.

Spills of chemicals and other dangerous substances can pollute the water we drink, the air we breathe and contaminate the soil that we rely on to grow our food. They also can severely damage vital ecosystems and wildlife – and in some cases pose serious risks to human life.

There are many professional and well-equipped companies in the UK dedicated to tackling these dangerous spills – whilst also working to help prevent them in the first place. They utilise highly trained and expert personnel, using the latest in innovation and technology to prevent harm to life and the environment.

In Executive TV’s latest programme, “Sustainability in UK Spill Response” we will be taking a look at The UK and Ireland Spill Association and its members, offering insight into not only their vital work but their views on current environmental issues – and how they can be solved.

UK and Ireland Spill Association is the national trade body for companies, organisations and individuals involved in spill and incident management.

RSK Raw Ltd are specialists in inland oils spill response and remediation in the UK and worldwide.

MEL Environmental Solutions Ltd are at the forefront of sustainable remediation services across the UK and Ireland

ATG Group offer tailored solutions to environmental and waste challenges throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

“Sustainability in UK Spill Response” will be first broadcast on SKY Digital channel 181 on Sunday 23rd April @ 10.00 (am) then again on Sunday 7th May @10.00 (am) on SKY Digital 181

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at with the rest of our digital archive.

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