Shooting at Media Fleet, Witney

Posted on: 19/08/2014

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We recently ventured out of London to Witney, near Oxford. We were completing our Responsible Transportation programme by filming Media Fleet.

Media Fleet is one the UK’s leading fleet livery and branding specialists. “What’s a livery?” I hear you cry. It’s a bespoke form of mobile advertising, where adverts are wrapped onto fleets of vehicles. Media Fleet’s clients include EON, Scottish Power and Babcock. They design, print and wrap vehicles, all from their large base here.

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Upon entering we met their friendly team and even friendlier dog. We were informed that a tray of sandwiches and cakes waited for us- not by the dog, he couldn’t speak. An excellent start to a shoot, and for once I managed not to spill my coffee. After a quick tour of the offices, warehouses and printing rooms we set up the cameras and I interviewed Account Executive Georgina Pulo. She was fun, energetic and her answers were detailed and flowed nicely. This made my job easy.

Georgina Pulo, Account Executive, Media Fleet

Georgina Pulo, Account Executive, Media Fleet

Later, I interviewed the company’s owner Barnaby Smith in their warehouse and he gave some interesting background to the company. It was great to see how passionate he was about his business, and when he got particularly into it he took a few strides towards the camera. Luckily this didn’t ruin our shot, which included one of the workers in the background, expertly wrapping a van with a livery.

After getting lots of cut-away shots of their vans, offices and workers it was time to visit their printing room. Saying these weren’t your standard printers would be understating it! These are huge, state-of-the-art printers that print large custom-made stickers for their clients. Whilst I was there, an advert for Liverpool F.C was being printed, not quite as quickly as their rapid three pronged attack, but what is?

Media Fleet is a family owned business and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Later in the afternoon, their dog seemed to have the Friday feeling as he sprawled out on the office floor. I rolled a ball towards his face and he simply watched it approach and bounce off his nose, before he even reacted. It was hilarious at the time, but you really had to be there.

Diesel the tired dog

Diesel the tired dog

We packed our equipment into Georgina’s tiny mini, who had generously offered to drive us back to the station. After contending with rush-hour traffic and a crowded train, we arrived back into London with all of the footage we needed to complete the programme. A satisfying and fun shoot.

If you’re interested in vehicle liveries, do have a look on Media Fleet’s here.

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