Responsible Transportation Programme: An interview with Telogis

Posted on: 26/08/2014

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This programme centres on the challenges and responsibilities the UK transportation industry faces.

This took us to Bracknell in Berkshire to interview the folks at Telogis. Telogis provides software to enable a more efficient and safer management of fleets of vehicles. They cater for fleets of all sizes and have offices throughout Europe and America.

Their SAAS (software as a service) provides up-to-date information to help a Fleet Manager monitor and manage a mobile team. This includes telematics, route-planning, real-time work order management and mobile integration, all on one platform. So in layman’s terms, this allows companies to be in firm control of their fleet and to introduce and monitor safety and performance levels.Industry magazines say that safety and cost reduction go hand in hand, which emphasises the importance of SAAS within transportation.

The software sends reports if these levels aren’t met, for example if a driver were to exceed speed limits, leave the defined route or brake excessively. The software ensures a safer, more efficient and profitable fleet team.

On arriving at their stylish offices, we were put at ease and served a tray of biscuits, breakfast bars and cups of coffee. This was an excellent start to the shoot, until I spilled my coffee everywhere, cueing awkward Hugh Grant-esque apologies to all concerned. In my defence, the drinks mats were unusual to say the least, like giant polos without sufficient surface area to steady my, soon to be, upended beverage.

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Spilled drinks aside, this was an excellent shoot. I interviewed Telogis’ General Manager Sergio Barata, and was impressed by how articulate, detailed and fluent his answers were. He clearly knew his stuff, as did his colleagues. After interviewing Sergio at length, we filmed 1 minute interviews with several of their other employees. These were recent graduates, who all seemed to be enjoying their roles at Telogis.

With all the interviews and footage safely captured we headed back to London to start editing.

If you’re interested in the services that Telogis offer, have a look on their website here.

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