Perspectives on Manufacturing

Posted on: 07/10/2022

The manufacturing industry has recently had its robustness tested by some major new challenges. Brexit and Covid have affected both supply chains and working practices, and modernisation and digitalisation have had to be embraced by the UK manufacturing industry in order to stay competitive.

These pressures have been experienced across all sectors, prompting innovation, new manufacturing techniques and materials to be used. Research and development for manufacturers is now a priority, and the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence is something more and more businesses are turning to in furthering innovation.

Another challenge to manufacturers is the need to change to renewable energy sources and sustainable working practices. All manufacturing industries are now affected – either directly or indirectly – by issues such as climate change. Energy sources such as offshore wind and solar energy are now being utilised as manufacturers recognise the need to face the climate change crisis caused by the use of traditional fossil fuel energy sources.

The shortage of skilled people coming into manufacturing is a further added pressure. Many manufacturers are now closely working with educational institutions to draw in young talent, and apprenticeship schemes are being heavily promoted.

These challenges and issues are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme. Over the next half hour, a number of leading industry experts will contribute in an exciting and in-depth look at issues currently faced by the manufacturing industry.

Featured in the programme:

AML are a technology led, people focused advanced manufacturing supplier based in Sheffield. They support the aerospace, defence and energy sectors.

DER-IC Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centres (DER-IC)’s vision is to promote global recognition of the UK as a centre of excellence in power electronics, machines and drives manufacturing Processes. DER-IC provides a UK network of open access facilities, growing world-class design, manufacturing, test and validation capabilities.

SHIMADZU UK are a leading provider of a broad range of analytical instruments for research, development and quality control in a variety of fields.

“Perspectives on Manufacturing” will be first broadcast on our usual channel, SKY Digital 181, on Sunday 9th October @10.00 (am), then again on Sunday 13th November @ 10.00(am) on SKY Digital channel 181

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