Posted on: 30/11/2018

Executive TV are happy to announce Digital Agility, the next addition to our long running series Digitizing The Public Sector. This program brings together three expert digital providers with extensive expertise in the public sector to discuss where the sector is moving and the challenges that it will face.

Digital transformation is a major change in thinking for the public sector. Moving from a static, technology focused processes to agile, evolving processes that centre on people is a huge challenge. But the potential offered by new technologies and new ways of working is huge. Where public organisations have been able to embrace transformation, they have seen major improvements in service delivery while achieving significant cost savings.

This program brings together three experts in technology, processes and people. AgileSphere specialise in agile business practises and digital transformation. Cloud Fundamental have huge experience working to deliver cloud projects for a wide ranging client base. Silversands are a complete digital service provider, working with applications, transformations and delivery.

We are proud to have brought together these contributors to talk about the full range of opportunities that IT can offer, and the challenges for the public sector. Digital Agility will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 185) on Sunday 2nd of December at 10am, and repeated on Sunday 27th of January at 10am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.