Dräger – delivering a new focus for industry

Posted on: 10/05/2023

While the war in Ukraine, high inflation, and global supply-chain problems have dominated the news agenda over the past year – the risk to our planet through climate change remains a constant concern.

The problem requires more attention than ever. In a recent report, the United Nations called on countries to ‘super-charge efforts” to limit global warming. Time is running out. Only if we limit global warming swiftly and noticeably can we leave behind a worthwhile planet for generations to come. It’s up to all of us to contribute.

Sustainability and continuous development are essential. As Dräger believes success depends on sustainability. Its guiding principle of “Technology for Life” means taking responsibility. The company’s systems and processes ensure resources are used sparingly and guard against potential risks.

Dräger is committed to the UN’s climate protection goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 33 per cent by 2025 compared with the base year of 2015.

Turning technology into ‘technology for life”

Dräger manufactures safety and medical technology products to protect, support, and save lives around the world in hospitals, with fire departments, emergency services, authorities, and in mining as well as industries including energy.

Founded in Lübeck, Germany, in 1889, Dräger is a worldwide listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business. It has more than 16,000 employees worldwide and is present in over 190 countries.

A future where everyone is safe at work

Dräger believes every workplace accident is avoidable. As the only safety equipment manufacturer based in Aberdeen, Dräger is one of the leading providers of protection systems in the marine and offshore energy industry. Its marine and offshore safety systems, from stand-alone refuges to independent supply airline systems, are configurable to specific requirements. Its extensive range of products and services meet firefighting, rescue, and safety (FRS) market regulations. It also sells and services both Dräger and third-party FRS equipment.

Dräger also provides stationary and mobile gas detection devices, personal protective equipment, professional diving equipment, alcohol, and drug detection devices, and an array of training and customer service offerings.

Delivering sustainability through quality

Combining sustainable processes with the manufacture of high-quality products is critical to the commercial success of any forward-thinking business.

Dräger offers a range of services from its premises in Dyce, Aberdeen, including confined space entry and leg entry training facilities; Authorised Gas Tester (AGT), BA wearer and maintenance training courses; a large rental fleet of safety equipment available for quick mobilisation from the Aberdeen facility to support both on and offshore hire requirements throughout the UK; and specialist advice on-hand to tailor the safety packages to meet client requirements. Draeger Marine and Offshore also offers extensive service and maintenance options that can be carried out at their workshop or by their technicians travelling to client sites on or offshore.

Ready to hire

The increasing complexity of system shutdowns and turnarounds in the energy industry is reflected in the global trend towards ever-shorter downtimes and greatly increased workloads. Maintaining the quality of work, protecting the environment, paying attention to occupational safety, and prevention of dangers and hazards are simultaneous challenges. Dräger supervises shutdowns of all sizes so that work can be completed with zero outages, unexpected incidents, or accidents.

Dräger Shutdown and Rental Management provides safety personnel and material in a unique service. Coupled with the company’s professional safety technology, Dräger Shutdown and Rental Management’s approach reduces vulnerabilities while preparing the way for successful downtimes and increased safety. This is ensured by flexible safety personnel as well as complete safety organizations, onsite material management, product innovations (such as Dräger Rental Robots and Dräger monitoring), and safety consulting and training.

Dräger has more than 125,000 rental equipment items available in the UK and worldwide. These include gas detection equipment, drug and alcohol testing equipment, breathable air supply equipment, and personal protection equipment (PPE).

The company’s new facility in Aberdeen stocks equipment that is available for hire and use straight away, alleviating concerns for customers when inevitable short-notice requirements arise.

Protecting the environment

The company’s safety technology products help prevent emissions and damaging events. Customers expect environmentally friendly products, not only during use but throughout their entire life cycle. Environmental protection is therefore not just a duty, but also an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

Training and safety

The need for modern industries to operate in an ever more efficient, safe, and sustainable way demands regular updates to training to keep up with the pace. Dräger delivers a range of marine and safety training courses covering aspects including breathing apparatus, gas detection, impairment, and leg entry and confined space training.

The breathing apparatus training course covers topics including care and maintenance, donning and monthly inspection, bodyguard download training, breathing apparatus wearer for certified instructors, face fit testing, air purity, and compressor and telemetry user training.

The gas detection course includes advanced gas detection use and calibration, gas detection X-Dock user, gas detection area monitoring system, basic gas detection and appreciation, basic gas detection using tube systems, OPITO H₂S training, fixed gas detection use, maintenance and calibration, and fixed gas detection use and configuration.

Topics covered in the impairment training include drug testing equipment and appreciation, Alcotest use and calibration, and Alcotest use and appreciation. Leg entry and confined space training includes leg entry, pre-entry gas testing for confined spaces, and safe entry into confined spaces.

Dräger’s development of a new system for robust, reliable, and secure wireless gas detection across large areas such as oil terminals or refineries is an example of increasing safety and sustainability at a reduced cost.

A license to operate

Dräger has been audited by reputable rating agencies. The EcoVadis Institute’s 2022 CSR assessment placed Dräger among the top 1 percent of the sector, earning the company Gold status and allowing it to distinguish itself as a sustainable supplier. Dräger also maintained its AA MSCI ESG rating in 2022. MSCI ESG Research provides ratings on global companies listed on the stock exchange and selected private companies according to exposure to industry-specific ESG risks and the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.

Find out more about how Dräger supports sustainability at https://www.draeger.com/en_uk/About-Draeger/Sustainability