Digital Innovation

Posted on: 22/03/2019


In an age when the global technological race is seeing virtually every sector of industry trying to understand the benefits that digital technologies can provide, the transformation of the public sector and the services they provide is disrupting what was once considered the traditional measure of productivity. For the public sector to capture the vast innovation and value that the digital market now has, it requires greater collaboration with the organisations that have the capability to unlock the potential of digital transformation and keep abreast the pace of change. At Executive TV, the latest programme in our Digitalisation of the Public Sector series, Digital Innovation, hears from some of these organisations and how they are helping our public services rise to the challenge of Digital Innovation.

In this programme, we speak with a range of companies who are working with the public sector to drive digital transformation. EO Consulting provide innovative solutions to the public sector and are focused around using all types of data to drive out efficiency in back-office operations. TP Group is a professional services and technology partner who work globally with contractors on high-regulated programmes across defence, energy and intelligence and communications. Brooke Weston Trust are a multi-academy trust whose mission is to transform education experience across their communities by providing the best quality teaching and fostering ambition. Level Global is a cloud-hosted AI platform that uses cognitive agents to improve organisation productivity by optimising processes and reducing human error. Additionally, we hear from NHS Shared Business Services, who are working in partnership with Level Global to drive digital innovation throughout their organisation.

Digital Innovation will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 191) on Sunday 12th May at 10.30am, and repeated on Sunday 02nd June at 10.30am.  After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.

For the public sector, digital innovation also means incorporating new ideas and best practice for management and processes. The world of innovation is vast and varies in size and scale, hence government needs to be open to partnering with organisations that can bring innovation to the fore, but who can also locate and collaborate with others – be they start-ups or SMEs – to bring forward the right Digital Innovation from a vast digital marketplace.

About Executive TV

Executive TV have been producing business focused documentaries for the past 10 years. Our programming covers the whole breath of commerce and industry in the UK, from manufacturing and heavy industry through to financial services and consultancy. We have always made innovation a focus of our programs; telling the story of new ideas and how they are impacting companies in Britain.

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