AJW Group

Posted on: 10/03/2023

Transforming Aviation Efficiency

AJW Group is the world-leading independent aircraft component parts, repair, and supply chain solutions provider, transforming efficiency in commercial, business, and defence aviation. AJW has a global presence with operational hubs and local offices across Africa, Asia Pacific, China, CIS, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America. A key part of AJW Group is AJW Technique, a 220,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art Component MRO facility based in Montreal, which together with operational hubs across the globe service the aerospace industry by transforming aviation efficiency through its products and services.

90 Years of Agility and Efficiency

In 1932, AJW founder, Anthony James Walter, qualified as a pilot and took to the skies. His passion for flying saw the Piper Cub aircraft manufacturers giving him sole distribution rights in Europe. He had a dream, and 90 years on, his vision is still going strong. After nine decades in the aviation industry, AJW prides itself on the personal touch and agility that Jim Walters showed all those years ago.

Having started the business based at Gatwick airport when it was nothing but a grass strip without a paved surface in sight, AJW HQ opened its purpose-built warehouse and campus-style office space in West Sussex, UK, in 2012. The same year also marked the launch of AJW Technique in Montreal, moving the Group into the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) space, further enhancing its role in supply chain integration. 

Supply Chain Integration

AJW is the aviation partner of choice for supply chain fulfilment working with partners to align and deliver effective and efficient aircraft supply chain solutions by optimising inventories, streamlining procurement, and maximising efficiencies. It provides everything from power-by-the-hour programmes, comprehensive repair management, and logistical services to complete supply chain solutions, allowing customers to focus on delivering brand value and exceptional customer experience. By embracing digital transformation, the Group utilises e-Marketplace with AJW® eventory and a customer portal available 24/7/365. The interactive interface allows for easier collaboration and communication which is faster and less prone to error while ensuring the data and process remain integrated.

AJW Technique – MRO focused facilities

Situated next to Montreal’s International Airport, AJW Technique is home to some of the most comprehensive component maintenance capabilities in the world with customisable equipment built to future technologies.

The facility has the expertise in maintenance and repair to offer quality-focused services to the global aviation industry across a diverse range of commercial and business jet platform types, processing 35,000 units a year across 6,000 separate part number lines, from navigation systems, to escape slides and landing gear sets. The maintenance hub for the AJW Group’s component MRO service works directly with leading airline customers, and MRO partners and suppliers to improve component reliability, maximise time-on-wing, and reduce direct maintenance costs.

With a pool of highly skilled, licensed engineers and technicians, they are in a prime position to provide outstanding reliability, guaranteed availability of product, and first-class turn times in order to deliver improved efficiencies and reduced costs of Aircraft On the Ground (AOG) dependency.

Batteries – Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence for Batteries at AJW Technique Europe in Slinfold, West Sussex, has been strategically positioned near Gatwick airport to meet the needs of European customers and delivers the outstanding customer service and quality that customers have come to expect from AJW Group. Skilled and certified technicians offer battery repair, including deep cycle, top charge, cleaning, re-blocking, regular service, overhaul, test, and recertification of all commercial aircraft main, auxiliary, and emergency power supplies.

Interiors – Nose to Tail

Whether for a cabin refresh or a complete interior re-design, AJW Technique Interiors offers customers fully tailored solutions for the design, development, and manufacture of all cabin interior needs, including the production of replacement seat covers in the revolutionary new synthetic material Skyleather®. AJW has partnered with Autostop Aviation, the largest seat cover manufacturing facility in Europe with a wealth of highly skilled fabric and leather technicians bringing their expertise to bear on this durable, lightweight, synthetic Polyurethane material.  A lean and low-cost manufacturing environment ensures they deliver substantial cost savings to customers while working towards sustainability within the aviation industry.

Bespoke Engine Leasing & Remarketing Solutions 

AJW Group believes in working with partners that understand their business and exchange reciprocal work based on core competencies. The Group’s leasing team offers high-quality engines with practical lease and support conditions to ensure minimum disruption and downtime for client aircraft. Customers rely on AJW as a reliable buyer for engines nearing the next overhaul or the end of economically useful life.  With industry-leading experience in aircraft maintenance, operating costs, and technical knowledge of the complete life cycle of an aircraft, AJW is a proven expert in evaluating assets. Their global network, extensive industry insight, and a team of highly experienced aircraft remarketing specialists negotiate the best possible solution to maximise client asset value. 

Digital Innovation – Sustainability is an Inevitability

The Group’s driving focus is to continue its journey of developing digital transformation strategies to improve business operational efficiency and to enable AJW to reinforce its customer service delivery. This is happening across all sectors of the business, from warehouses and workshops right through to administration and customer management. As industry leaders, the Group is moving with the times, as digitisation is not a choice right now, it is a necessity. By transforming the way they work, and by continuing their agile approach to business they are making their operations more effective.  

Their focus is not only on continuing to bring digital transformation into AJW systems and operations but also on working with the aviation industry, OEMs, and airlines, in the development and implementation of predictive maintenance. They hope to see all stakeholders in the industry collaborate on this going forward, for the good of the industry. By pooling the vast sea of industry knowledge and gathering digital data that innovative technology provides, they hope to achieve connectivity across all sectors of aviation and work towards reducing operational costs for the airlines. In so doing, they will all work toward the common goal of a more sustainable industry that will grow and strengthen going forward.