Adopting Transformation

Published on: 19/10/2021


Ensuring successful digital transformation within the public sector can be a difficult process and often relies on the assistance of procurement experts to get the job done. For many, the very idea of change can be met with resistance. Which direction we choose, what road we take, will determine the type of world we want to see moving forward.

            This is the subject of Executive TV’s latest programme ‘Digital Transformation: Adopting Transformation’ which brings together the very best in public sector digital transformation.

            Proxima is an independent procurement and supply chain consulting firm operating in Europe and North America. They partner with finance to ensure savings delivered are real, measurable, sustainable, and signed off by finance and the business stakeholders.

Geoplace act as a co-ordinator, supporting the nation’s street and addressing data creators, making that information widely available through Ordnance Survey and their statutory partners. Collaborators include Alpha Property Insight and Sevenoaks District Council, also featured in the programme.

Embridge Consulting was born from a need to help businesses leverage their technology and business systems. Respected for their expertise in ERP, they also provide strategic advice on a comprehensive range of solutions that transform business across multiple sectors.

Published Date: 19/10/2021