TV PROGRAMME: The Future of the Oil and Gas Industries

Posted on: 07/02/2020

Planet Earth has arrived at a critical juncture. From the bushfires in Australia, to flooding in Lancashire, the world is now in evidential state of peril. Just last week, the broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, speaking at a launch event for the COP26 climate summit, declared, “now is the moment. Forget 2050, forget 2030, if we fail to act now, we are all doomed. Now is the moment.” A poignant and wholly appropriate instruction from one of the world’s most trusted climate thinkers.

In recent years, positive steps have been made in the UK to tackle the climate crisis. In 2019, the British Government enshrined, in law, its commitment to become carbon natural by 2050. Since the announcement, we have seen further measures, including the banning of sales of all electric and petrol vehicles from 2030. Whilst these actions are welcomed, questions remain: is this target realistic, will we even make it to 2050? How do we go about decarbonising entire sectors of the global economy? And what about the energy sector, does the oil and gas industry have a viable future?

At present, Oil and Gas accounts for 68% of all the fossil fuels used for energy creation. Whole countries, such as Saudi Arabia, rely on oil and gas production to drive their economies, and in truth, a 360 degree turn away from these vital, economy driving fossil fuels, is unlikely. Whilst renewable energy sources are clearly proving their worth, demonstrating an alternative future is possible, the oil and gas sectors must now do their part to become greener, leaner, safer, and more reliable.

Oil and Gas specialists certainly believe a future with fossil fuels is possible. By embracing the possibilities brought about by the digital revolution, along with the advent of new technologies, experts believe that Oil and Gas can redesign itself, becoming a viable source of energy long into the future.

Take for example, new “greenfield projects” that include smart technologies, improving performance and reliability, whilst reducing risk to the environment, and to the brave oil and gas operatives that work within such a high-risk sector. Advancements in predictive analytics, and data management are also having a positive effect, whilst new technologies are making it easier for oil and gas companies to manage the supply and distribution phases; making future extraction safer, and more viable.

And the challenges don’t stop there. Man-power is also a vitally important issue moving forward. The oil and gas sectors are notoriously poor at knowledge transfer, and with over 30,000 workers across the sector soon to retire. Oil and gas firms must quickly draw up plans to train and skill thousands of new engineers, all of whom will be expecting to use the best and greenest tools available. In a notoriously unpopular industry, finding young engineers to join team fossil fuel, may be a bridge too far.

To further understand how the oil and gas sectors are preparing for life in a carbon neutral future, Executive TV’s latest programme, entitled, The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry, dives deep into the questions that matter. In this episode, we meet with Advisan, a global energy consultancy on a mission to solve the critical energy dilemma. We also meet with Dashboard, a company at the forefront of industrial process/infrastructure monitoring. The world is undoubtedly in peril, however, forward thinkers like Advisan and Dashboard are proving that fossil fuels aren’t just a thing of the past.

The Future of the Oil and Gas Industries will be first broadcast on our usual channel sky 191 on Sunday 09th February at 10. 30am.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at with the rest of our digital archive.

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