Occupational Health in Construction

Posted on: 02/08/2019

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Executive TV is excited to announce Occupational Health in Construction. In this programme, we look at the ingenious ways that technology is being utilised to aid construction workers and their efforts to remain physically and mentally safe in tough, unforgiving environments.
Mental health is such a hot topic and many provisions are in place to ensure that at work, we are looked after. Yet it often seems to be that those in the toughest of jobs are forgotten about and this is something many are eager to change.
In this program, we spoke to Duradiamond, a vital asset in health consultancy, supplying services to over one million employees across the UK. They work tirelessly to bring integrated experiences and a range of services to help businesses in all sectors reduce risks in the workplace, invest in health and wellness and boost workforce productivity. They have delivered occupational health services for 17 years, building a reputation for quality.
Occupational Health in Construction will be the first broadcast on Sunday 04th August @10.45(am) on SKY digital channel 191, and repeated on Sunday 01st September @10.45(am). After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at http://www.executivetv.org with the rest of our digital archive.
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