IT Innovation in Healthcare

Posted on: 27/11/2015

IT Innovation in Healthcare was broadcast on Sky 189 recently. This will be uploaded onto our new website shortly.

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This programme explores the changing role of IT within private and public healthcare. We look at the latest technological advances introduced like bar code technology, e-billing and e-referral systems. Leading IT professionals discuss the latest advances and opportunities within the NHS and private hospitals.

With the NHS facing an estimated shortfall of £30bn in the next 5 years, the need to make efficiencies through innovation is now urgent. The three IT providers featuring on the programme discuss real-world case studies where this has been achieved.

Healthlogistics– eProcurement service providers to NHS trusts, achieving procurement and stock level efficiencies using bar-code technology. They discuss their pioneering work with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the NHS’s E-Procurement strategy and the roll out of the GS1 initiative.

Healthcode– Provide electronic billing and IT solutions to private hospitals, consultants and insurers; and discuss what private healthcare can learn from NHS.

Cloud 2– Have designed and implemented Kinesis, a referral system enabling a dialogue between GP’s and specialists, reducing referrals. They discuss the wider impact this will have on the NHS and the results from their successful pilots.

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