Innovation In Healthcare: Neonatal Care

Posted on: 04/04/2018


Executive TV are pleased to announce Neonatal Care, the latest instalment in our Innovation In Healthcare series. This program brings together two leading innovators in newborn healthcare with leading neonatal clinicians to discuss how new developments can lead to safer, healthier mothers and babies.

Maternity and neonatal medicine is central to ensuring that childbirth is a joyous occasion. Ensuring that children are born health has been perhaps the greatest priority of healthcare for the past century. During that time many advanced technologies have been brought into neonatal care, helping to ensure that every baby gets the care they need. Advances come in many forms, from improved antenatal care to improved birthing and midwifery and finally to neonatal medicine itself.

This program brings together two contributors who have made major strides in maternity and neonatal care. Birthsparks are a British start-up who have developed an innovative upright birthing tool that has been shown to help reduce complications. Surepulse offer an uninvasive way to monitor new borns vital signs in the critical moments after birth, ensuring that respiratory support or intensive care can be delivered immediately when complications do occur.

Neonatal Care will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 189) on Sunday 8th of April at 10am, and repeated on Sunday 13th of May at 10am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.