Gail Porter’s advice on getting into the media

Posted on: 23/01/2015

We interviewed Gail Porter for our Career Focus TV site. Below is a transcript of how she broke into the media.

Gail Porter shot

Gail Porter: “I wrote my CV, two pages. It was a decent CV but there wasn’t much work around so I got 100’s of rejection letters. I still have them. So I thought I’d try something different.

I bought a video recorder and got my Mum to film me pretending to be wonder-woman and run into a fence. My Mother being very Scottish was saying, “I don’t understand what we are doing?” I said, “I’m trying something different here, I need to get a job.”

I’d done editing, so I edited me being normally dressed, changing into me dressed as wonder-woman, in a bikini, with wellies on. I couldn’t afford real sexy boots, so wellies had to do. I’d made my own headband though.

I then ran to pretend I was jumping over a fence and I just ran straight into it. My Mum shouted, “Are we finished filming yet?”

I packaged it up with wonder-woman paper and sent it to loads of production companies. After a bit I got a call from Bob Mortimer’s production company inviting me in for a meeting. And I got a job!

So it just goes to show you can do different things to get work.”

Wise words. Here’s a blog post about our shoot with Gail.