Environmental Solutions

Posted on: 08/03/2018


Executive TV are pleased to announce Environmental Solutions, the next in our continuing series A Green Approach To Business. Protecting the environment has become the duty of everyone in our society, including our businesses. In this program we’ll look at the solutions there are to waste, and how they can ensure a better future for everyone.

In today’s world sustainability is a critical part of every business. We have to protect our environment and natural resources; and when we do create waste we need to handle it safely. Especially when waste products contaminate land or water, it’s absolutely essential the we treat it quickly and effectively before it can damage the local ecology or prevent future use. The waste management industry is one of the most vibrant in the UK, and we’re proud to have brought together three authoritative voices from across the whole breadth of the sector.

Environmental Solutions brings together a real cross section of the waste management industry, including experts from solid waste, water and land remediation sectors. We spoke with Nanobite Global, thought leaders in oil remediation; leading commercial water treatment providers Alpheus Water and The Chartered Institute Of Waste Management who represent the UK’s waste industry as a whole. We’re proud to have brought this discussion together to explore the future of waste.

Environmental Solutions will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 189) on Sunday 18th of March at 10.30am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at www.executivetv.org with the rest of our digital archive.