Engineering and Specialist Manufacturing broadcast this Sunday

Posted on: 12/03/2015

This Sunday sees the double-bill broadcast of two of our latest industry documentaries. Engineering: The Production Process and Specialist Manufacturing broadcast back-to-back on Sunday 15th March from 10am on Sky Channel 254.

Engineering: The Production Process focuses on the UK’s most technologically advanced engineering companies. We look at how they use innovative technology within their production process to advance the industry and meet consumer demands. The interviewees on this programme are Romica, Midtherm Laser and JMF Ltd.

Romica were contracted to help with the search for missing plane MH370. They designed and are manufacturing a deep tow traction winch for recovery ships, which enables sonar scanning of the sea bed up to a depth of 10,000 metres. Fugro Discovery mf02419a (2)Midtherm Laser specialise in laser cutting and are based within the thriving Midlands manufacturing hot-bed. JMF Ltd has invested heavily in high technology equipment enabling them to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Midtherm 2This series of programmes showcases companies like these who go above and beyond industry standards and are constantly looking to improve. This programme offers inspiration for any business looking to improve themselves and their industry.

Engineering: The Production Process broadcasts this Sunday, 15th March, at 10am, Sky channel 254. This will also be available online on the Executive TV website alongside our other programmes.


Specialist Manufacturing focusses on the current innovations within leading manufacturing organisations. For this program our industry contributors include designers and manufacturers of heavy-duty steel bearings Arvis Ltd; leading blind and curtain manufacturers Silent Gliss and protective coating innovators LINE-X.

Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager at Silent Gliss

Sam Shervill, Silent Gliss being interviewed

Manufacturing plays a crucial role in supporting the UK’s economy. We look at how the industry has adapted to survive the recession. We share examples of excellence and explore recent innovations that are making the industry more sustainable and advanced.

Specialist Manufacturing broadcasts this Sunday, 15th March, at 10:30am on Sky channel 254. This will also be available online via the Executive TV website alongside our other programmes.

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