Emergency One Group

Posted on: 31/01/2024

Who are Emergency One Group?

Emergency One (E1) is a UK-based company that designs, manufactures, and maintains firefighting and rescue vehicles. They have been in operation for over 30 years and have become a leading supplier of firefighting and rescue vehicles in the UK and in the last few years, they have seen an increase in their presence overseas. They offer a range of products, including traditional pumping appliances, electric appliances, turntable ladders, aerial ladder platforms, industrial vehicles, and specialist rescue vehicles.

Emergency One is known for its innovative approach to firefighting and rescue vehicle design with a track record of continuously developing technology with firefighters in mind. Whether that be the E1 EV0™ electric appliance, eCabControl and ePumpControl interface systems or their unique and bespoke stowage systems. All of these innovations add performance and/or safety systems for life-saving emergency response teams.

The company’s key selling point is its ability to offer a high level of customisation options, ensuring that each appliance is tailored to meet the unique needs of each fire service. This type of flexibility allows customers to get the exact vehicle they need for their specific firefighting requirements. Working alongside their sister company Clan Tools & Plant, Emergency One Group has become a one-stop shop for firefighters’ needs.



Emergency One (UK) Ltd was established in 1989 in the old mining town of Cumnock, Scotland and started out with six employees, building on average five vehicles a year. The company’s growth has been predicated on the adherence to a steady and measured expansion year on year, recognising the importance of people (a best-in-class Trade Apprenticeship program was established in Year 1), build quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. In 2012, the company had outgrown the original factory unit, and relocated to a larger, custom-designed facility within the same industrial estate in Cumnock. An already busy year, 2012 also saw the addition of Clan Tools to the group, and the partnership with Magirus GmbH established. Now, over 30 years later, with 250 employees and an additional production facility, they are the largest employers in the area and market leaders in the industry.



As the primary customer for E1, fire services in the United Kingdom have benefitted immensely from the company’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions. For years, E1 has been synonymous with excellence, providing fire services with state-of-the-art fire appliances, equipment, and specialised vehicles that are designed to tackle a wide range of emergencies.

While its roots are firmly planted in the UK, E1’s reputation for excellence has not gone unnoticed on the global stage. The company’s increasing sales and enquiries from international markets serve as a testament to the calibre of its products and services.

Extending far beyond the realm of fire services. Its commitment to innovation and safety has led to the development of a range of products catering to diverse sectors. From industrial sites where hazardous materials are handled, to airports with unique emergency response needs, and municipalities that require comprehensive disaster management solutions, Emergency One Groups products have found applications in various critical environments.

Product Advancements.

The past few years have shown an increase in interest in electric appliances both for consumers and businesses worldwide. While the popularity of these appliances has taken off and the government’s continual push for low-emissions appliances continues, the creation of electric HGVs has been somewhat of a challenge for manufacturers especially the demands of emergency services.

Despite the difficulty of producing an appliance that can meet the expectation of fire services globally, E1 has succeeded in producing an electric appliance that not only meets but exceeds these expectations.

After the Launch of the world’s first fully electric appliance the E1 EV0 in 2020, the company have since expanded its electric appliance range in the UK and Internationally. The company have now sold electric appliances to London Fire Brigade, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and Hérault Fire Service in France while also working with North American partner Rev Group to provide their electric vehicle technology.


People and Apprenticeships.  

The pivotal role played by apprentices in the company’s success cannot be understated. Many apprentices have seamlessly transitioned into key roles within the organisation, with two directors of E1 tracing their career paths back to the company’s apprenticeship program. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing apprentices’ skills and self-assurance within their respective trades, with plans to onboard more apprentices in the near future.


Looking Towards the Future.  

Looking forward, E1’s strategic focus centres on the development of low-emission appliances, the cultivation of a sustainable business model, and further expansion into international markets in the coming year. Beyond the continuous advancement of its electric appliance technology, the company has recently secured grant funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APCC) to propel the development of hydrogen-fueled appliances in the future.

Emergency One Group’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond low-emission appliances. As the UK’s pioneer carbon-neutral fire engine manufacturer, the company remains dedicated to enhancing its environmental practices within its production facilities. The company’s unwavering dedication to technological advancement, comprehensive market research, resolute support for firefighters, and strategic collaborations with entities like Scottish Enterprise and the Department for International Trade have collectively propelled the name “Emergency One” across the globe.