Digitalisation of the Public Sector – Cyber Safety

Posted on: 04/10/2019

Transforming public services is hard. Budget and demographic constraints are placing more pressure than ever on already stretched resources and many service providers are struggling to cope.  Despite this, in the past decade, we have witnessed significant changes to how public organisations operate as they continually evolve in an effort to keep pace with the changes. The latest programme in our Digitalisation of the Public Sector series, Cyber Safety, looks at how digital technology is having a dramatic impact on the way people engage with the public sector and cyber safety in the public sector.

In this programme, we hear from organisations at the forefront of technology who are keen on cyber safety. Cybersafe, Xertec, Gospel Technology and Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics (WODA) all shared the potential danger of digital transformation for the public sector such as the breach of personal data and trust amongst consumers. However, there was no denying the significant impact digitalisation will continue to have on the public sector such increased flexibility and service efficiency. There is a push now more than ever before to modernise IT which the public sector hope to adopt in order to enhance their services to the public.

Cyber Safety will be first broadcast on our usual channel, SKY digital channel 191 on Sunday 06th October at 10.00am, and repeated on Sunday 3rd November at 10.00am.  After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.

Digital technology has and will continue to alter the environment in which public bodies operate, change the way they work and the way they communicate with the public. The public sector is often perceived as being behind the curve in adopting and implementing new technologies, however, by collaborating closely with private companies, they can deliver robust digital strategies in diverse areas, such as health and public administration.

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