Digital Opportunities

Posted on: 28/01/2022

Artificial intelligence and data are not only leveraging devices to provide better services but also assisting in recruitment, widening the talent pool to increase diversity and offering roles to individuals who were previously excluded from talent searches on the basis of geography and mobility. Now, with remote working, there are fewer jobs demanding a commute but greater cyber security issues arising from operating on an insecure home computer.

Digital transformation is challenging our perceptions of what it means to be at work and has opened a window of opportunity waiting to be explored.

These digital technologies transforming the way of providing services and our approach to work is the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme: “Digital Opportunities” which welcomes three exciting companies embracing the tools of the future.

CyberHive is using advanced technology, co-developed with the University of Oxford, to ensure your data is secure. They help businesses to protect their data not only from external threats but also from security lapses caused by their own employees and even from the cloud provider. Their leading solution, Trusted Cloud, dramatically improves the security of all servers within a data centre by detecting unauthorised changes to the software running on the servers or VM’s and takes appropriate action when required.

Data Intensity is a trusted Managed Services Provider, an Oracle Platinum and a Microsoft Gold partner. They manage complex Oracle workloads on any platform and any cloud with the right combination of strategy, expertise, and services. Data Intensity delivers business transformative solutions and services tailored to help their customers succeed in a hybrid multi-cloud world.

Formus Pro is specialising in business focused software solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office365, Azure, ClickDimensions marketing suite, SharePoint, Custom Portals, Salesforce, KingswaySoft integration tools and many more.

Digital Opportunities will be the first broadcast on SKY digital channel 182, Sunday 30th January @10.00(am) and repeated on Sunday 27th February @10.00(am) on SKY digital channel 182.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at with the rest of our digital archive.

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