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Posted on: 02/08/2019

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Executive TV is happy to announce Changing Systems; the next episode in our long-running series Digital Healthcare. In this program, we look at how the latest developments in technology are making waves in the NHS. Featuring three insightful companies with their fingers on the pulse of digital transformation, their skills and hard work highlight the very best of Britain and how it is the technology that continues to improve our lives.
Healthcare is a critical part of the modern living and the UK’s National Health Service is envied the world over for it’s free at the point of service guarantee, ground-breaking innovations and standard of care. Its achievements would not be possible without the many faces behind the solutions we champion every day. Placing smart devices in the hands of front-line workers to enhance and simplify their jobs has increased productivity, saved time and saved lives.
In this program, we brought together three leading lights in digital healthcare. Kinseed is a team of highly skilled developers with a radical patient monitoring system. Immedicare is helping staff bring medical attention to elderly care through the use of their Telemedicine solution. Dynamic Health Systems and their Vitrucare platform allow patients to monitor for important side effects of treatment, receive relevant multimedia information and, when necessary be in immediate contact with the local 24/7 Care Coordination Centre hotline.
Engineering Innovation will be first broadcast on Sunday 04th August @ 10.00(am) on SKY digital channel 191, and repeated on Sunday 01st September @10.00(am. After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.
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