Posted on: 15/02/2019

Recently, there has been a dramatic shift in how the public sector has embraced digital transformation. Increased pressures on public expenditure and changing citizen concern are now driving the need for change in the public sector; digital transformation can no longer be viewed as just a private sector concern. However, due to the speed at which technology develops, keeping up to date can often seem an impossible task. At Executive TV, in Digital Challenges, the latest programme in our Digitalisation of the Public Sector series, we look at some of these challenges facing the public sector how organisations seek to overcome them.

In this programme, we hear from a range of companies who work with the public sector. Difrent Group are specialists in digital transformation, providing the very best tech-enabled business transformation to public and private organisations alike. Dun & Bradstreet are a renowned corporation who provide commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses. Quant Network connect the world’s networks to blockchain with their first-of-its-kind blockchain operating system. Alchemmy is a management consultancy that tackles complex initiatives with the best and brightest talent. All of these companies are driven in creating accessible, affective and efficient solutions to the various Digital Challenges facing the public sector today. Additionally, we hear thoughts from specialists at NHS England and The Cabinet Office on how Digital Challenges are being overcome in their workplace.

Digital Challenges will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 185) on Sunday 17th February at 10.00am, and repeated on Sunday 24th March at 10.00am.  After the initial broadcast, the programme will then be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.

The UK’s public sector is one of the most digitally advanced in the world, as many departments have started to transform how they deliver services, in turn improving citizen’s experiences and the way government organisations operate to deliver them. New digital professions are being established across the sector and departments have become better at sharing platforms and components, code and practices. This is a strong foundation to build upon and with the collaboration of public organisations, the future of public sector digitalisation looks promising.

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