Sustainable Packaging

Published on: 13/03/2023


Business leaders in the packaging industry are responding to increasing consumer demand to make their processes sustainable, with many aiming for a “low carbon – high recycling society”. These leaders are also implementing the principles of a circular economy – recycling and the elimination of waste.

These topics are the subject of Executive TV’s latest programme, “Sustainable Packaging” with expert analysis from key figures in the industry.

Featured in this programme will be:

Futamura Group are an operation of different manufacturing divisions around the world. Futamura Group are global leaders in innovation, and the use of sustainable materials and new technologies.

BBIA (Bio – Based and Biodegradable Industries Association) are an organisation representing companies involved in producing biodegradable products for the benefit of the environment.  

First broadcast on our usual channel, SKY Digital 181, Sunday 12th March @ 10.15 (am) and then again on Sunday 30th April @ 10.15 (am)

Published Date: 13/03/2023