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Posted on: 24/06/2022

Executive TV – WORKPRO

The Covid pandemic saw an acceleration in digital transformation as teams that were suddenly working from home, found they needed to transform their processes and systems to cope.

Here at CAS (Computer Application Services Ltd), we saw an increase in enquiries from teams looking for better ways to collaborate on casework while dispersed.

We supply case management solutions – used to manage HR cases, customer complaints, or information requests. Our solutions are typically used when there is an issue that needs resolved – an employee grievance or customer complaint for example. Emotions can be high, people can be vulnerable, procedures need to be followed correctly. Our Workpro systems ensure these cases are managed as they should be – consistently, compliant with process.

Self-service and process automation

We have seen an increase in requests to support different channels to access services – in particular to offer more self-service. For example, we recently worked with an Ombudsman client to develop a portal where their customers can connect in to find out about cases they have raised with the Ombudsman.

However, process automation is not an end point in itself. There is obvious opportunity – increased productivity, faster service, reduced costs – but there is also risk.

The risk is that in implementing the technology, businesses forget the people served by the solution.

“People want it both ways. If they want a thing quick and simple, they want to be able to just go on and click a button. But if they want you to hear the whole story and deal with them as an individual, they still want to be able to deal with a person. That’s one of the big challenges, how we make sure we recognise people.” Ken Naismith, CAS CEO  

Putting people first

We try to always keep in mind that there are three kinds of people or stakeholders who need to be satisfied by our solutions. The person or customer who has the issue, the caseworker or staff member seeking a resolution, and the user-organisation which is represented by the manager overseeing the work. We consider what is in it for each of them.

  • For the manager, it’s better reporting, productivity, improved business outcomes.
  • For the caseworker its maybe getting admin stress eased so they can get on with the job they are paid to do.
  • And for the person they serve, whether that’s a Financial Service client, an Ombudsman dealing with a vulnerable person, or an employee – they are looking for a fair resolution to their issue.

Considerate automation

That’s why we don’t offer a fully automated solution. Where aspects can be automated let them be, that’s fine, but too many organisations are automating things to suit their business purposes. It can be so frustrating for the customer to be told by a machine, “this is the answer”, with no chance to make themselves heard.

When dealing with a vulnerable person or a valuable employee, or a matter that could lead to a fine by the FCA – how you handle things matters. It’s important that the technology supporting processes still allows space for the human touch.

On the other hand, some people don’t want to talk to anyone. Can you have a system that offers the best of both of worlds? Yes, you can! If you are careful where you set the boundaries.

Some employee issues and customer complaints can be simple. For those cases, Workpro includes fast case recording tools, including self-serve. So, the case can be quickly logged and closed with details captured for reporting.

But cases can also be complex. They may involve multiple parties, evidence and correspondence, meetings, and reports. The pre-agreed workflow steps in Workprotherefore allow a degree of flexibility enabling caseworkers to apply their professional knowledge and to personalise client interactions.

AI in case management

You can’t be all things to all people, so we try to be good at the things we are good at, and then offer hooks into other functionality that people may want. For example, we talk to payroll systems – it’s not our speciality so we offer the link.

There is a trend to more AI in case management. It is not something our customers are asking for yet, but we are pro-actively looking at how it can be best utilised to serve our market.

For example, in the complaints world AI is starting to be used to recognise context, specifically to identify and triage when someone is vulnerable. Vulnerable people are not just a category like the elderly or sick – these days, people you would consider to be otherwise robust can find themselves in a vulnerable situation, e.g., a sudden change in finances. Spotting more serious or sensitive cases for fast escalation is an example of AI being used well.

Workpro case management solutions

Our speciality is regulated casework – software that helps our customers better manage cases with varying degrees of complexity in compliance with specific procedures or regulations.

Workpro helps organisations transform casework processes, supporting the shift to remote and hybrid working, with complaints and HR teams able to access and coordinate casework from one secure online system.

Getting a system that reflects an organisation’s own process requirements used to entail a costly bespoke project – but that is no longer the case. Workpro is a ‘ready for action” solution, which can then be fine-tuned.

That means smaller to mid-sized teams and organisations can now have a world-class case management system that is just right for them without the eye-watering price tag or implementation hassle. Check out our Workpro Story blog to learn more about our platform approach.

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