Manufacturing the Supply Chain: Design and Production

Posted on: 08/09/2022

Supply chains of British manufacturers have experienced major disruption in recent years as a consequence of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. However, digital innovation may provide the solution for manufacturers when rethinking product design in order to adapt to supply chain issues and ensure an effective production process.

The supply chain crisis caused by transportation disruption, unprecedented costs and limited availability of certain components and raw materials continues to significantly hinder British manufacturers and their operations. Organisations are attempting to combat these issues through rethinking the structure of their supply chain in terms of increased cross-party co-operation as well as the introduction of digital innovation such as additive manufacturing and data optimisation. As the design process is adapted in order to adopt and utilise emerging technological manufacturing trends, manufacturers must also take into consideration the human factor as the industry faces a significant skilled labour shortage.

These challenges are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme “Manufacturing the Supply Chain: Design and Production” welcoming guest speakers from three leading UK-based organisations.

WAGO UK are an electrical systems supplier and holistic solutions provider specialising in electrical interconnection, electrical interface and automation.

RAM Engineering and Tooling LTD are CNC machine suppliers specialising in application driven, subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies.

Recipe Design area strategic brand design agency offering businesses production, packaging and UX design services via their innovative Meaning Centred Design process.

 Manufacturing the Supply Chain: Design and Production will be first broadcast on SKY digital 181, Sunday 11th September @10.00 am and then again on, Sunday 16th October @10.00 am.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at  with the rest of our digital archive.

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