Going Green in Manufacturing

Posted on: 02/02/2024

UK manufacturing has been through some difficult times. Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have generated unprecedented challenges. However, the sector is on the rise once more, leading to an exciting period of new considerations and objectives.

One important area being focused on is going green and embracing sustainability. Tackling issues such as reducing waste and pollution, using more environmentally friendly products and taking into consideration carbon footprint in transport and production processes have all come to the forefront.

This is not just simply an ethical concern, but due to pressure from both consumers and the government, companies must embrace sustainable practices to flourish.

This focus is being driven forward by innovation, with new technologies generating new possibilities.  Renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, biofuels and electrically powered vehicles are being utilised.

Products are being developed that are more lightweight, durable, and long-lasting, moving away from products that were wasteful and hard to dispose of.

The UK has a reputation for being a world leader in innovation and this strength is widely seen as the way ahead for UK manufacturing.

In the latest in–depth documentary from Executive TV, this new and exciting sustainable focus will be explored, examining how companies are embracing the issue.  “Going Green in Manufacturing” will feature analysis and insight from key industry players and experts.

PPG Aerospace manufactures coatings, sealants, transparencies and other materials for aircraft around the world.

Emergency One is a market leader in the manufacture of fire and rescue vehicles.

Badge Design specialise in embroidery, bespoke badges, music stand banners and promotional merchandise.

“Going Green in Manufacturing” will first broadcast on SKY Digital 181 on Sunday, 4th February at 10:00 AM and then again on Sunday, 3rd March at 10:00 AM.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at http://www.executivetv.org/ with the rest of our digital archive.

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