‘Digitalisation in Publishing’

Posted on: 20/01/2023

The world of publishing is seen by many as stuck in a mindset of tradition and outdated legacy systems. However, the reality is that publishing is experiencing an exciting period of digital transformation, moving from printed books, journals and newspapers, to websites, apps and social media.

This reflects not just a shift in the way things are published but a shift in mindset, too. Although many individuals in publishing are open to change and keen to embrace the use of new platforms and artificial intelligence, often the organisations and structures in the publishing world find it difficult to fully adapt to the changes needed.

The range of potential opportunities that this new digital world offers are many and incredibly varied, and present valuable benefits for those in who are willing and agile enough to capitalise on them. Far from being the end of the publishing industry, the new digital world can be viewed as a new era in the way information is provided and used.

This fascinating subject is the focus of an Executive TV special, “Digitisation in Publishing” and will feature a range of key speakers from a successful company dedicated to leading the way in this revolution.

67 Bricks are a technology consultancy specialising in publishing. Their expert team help their clients develop and thrive in this new data – driven world, working closely to build long – term relationships and to evolve and succeed in a rapidly changing world of data driven technology.

Digitisation in Publishing’ will be first broadcast on our usual channel SKY Digital 181 , Sunday 22nd   January @ 10:30 (am) and then again on Sunday 26th February @ 10.30 (am)

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at https://www.executive tv.org/ with the rest of the digital archive

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