‘Digital Transformation: The Digital Society’

Posted on: 08/07/2022

In recent years, difficult events have forced businesses to prepare for and adapt to a new landscape of accelerated digital transformation, posing a constellation of challenges, which companies must overcome to ensure success in the emerging digital society.

The urgency of digital transformation has had a catalytic effect on organisational processes, which in turn, will help businesses ‘future proof’ their systems by embracing emerging technologies such as Automation and Digitalisation. Some of the key aspects and challenges businesses can potentially manage effectively, utilising these emerging technologies, include data processing and optimisation through AI, supply chain efficiency via digital mapping networks, flexible data analytical analysis, customer experience via user-centric innovation and workforce management/ productivity in the flexible working environment.

These features and oppositions are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme: “The Digital Society,” which looks into three compelling businesses embracing digital transformation.

Reference Point is a global supplier of software solutions at the forefront of training, workforce management and membership community management. Reference Point is committed to developing sustainable technologies via in-house expertise. www.referencepoint.co.uk

Jaggaer provides cloud-based automation software/technology and is leading a revolution in procurement technology via transparency and flexibility. Jaggaer also offers digital process solutions relating to supplier network, procure to pay, source to contract and supply chain management. www.jaggaer.com

Cyber-Duck is an award-winning digital transformation agency specialising in helping businesses adapt to the digital society via services such as research and strategy, UX and service design, technology implementation and digital marketing optimisation. www.cyber-duck.co.uk

The Digital Society will be first broadcast on our usual channel, SKY 182, Sunday 10tth July @10.00 am and then again on, Sunday 07th August @10.00 am.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at http://www.executivetv.org/ with the rest of our digital archive.

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