Cyber Trends – ‘Cyber Security is Priority’

Posted on: 21/10/2022

Executive TV is presenting a 30 minutes exclusive in partnership with Digital Craftsmen which explores the security issues for Business around their structure, strategy, organisation and employees. 

From leading security industry experts, we learn from the vanguard in cyber security, who share their insights into the dark world of ransomware attacks and cyber-crime, shining a light to lead the way for Business to defend and prosper.

The pandemic was a key driver for businesses to fast taken years track their plans for digital transformation. What might once have taken years is now being done in months and the speed of change shows no signs of slowing down. With the great opportunities digital transformation delivers has emerged even greater threats in the shape of relentless phishing  and ransomware attacks.

Traditional cyber security software and practices simply won’t stand up in the new digital world and cyber criminals are seizing every opportunity in this period of transformation to hunt for any vulnerability or weakness and exploit them to make money.

The rewards are huge in cyber-crime and as it has become increasingly commoditised, so the entry point for would be cyber criminals has become even lower. Hacking software and stolen databases are openly sold on the dark web and in less than an hour an opportunist hacker is ready to launch an attack from scratch.

Businesses have been slow to realise the scale of the threats they face, and that every aspect of their operations is under constant threat 24/7. If a business director is aware, they don’t always know what to do to properly secure their business or have the right internal expertise to deal with the threats before they fall victim to a cyber-attack.

This lack of preparedness and awareness is the reason why a handful of seasoned cyber security veterans decided to step out of their world to offer their insights and guidance to business directors. The clear concise overview given by the experts will help business owner to understand the cyber crime landscape, the scale of threats and why it is so important that at board level, cyber security should be a top priority.

What directors will gain from watching the programme is that whilst it might seem daunting, there are few simple steps which they can take right aware that will dramatically improve their level of security and stop them becoming  another ransomware statistic.

The cyber experts taking part in the exclusive Cyber Trends programme are: Simon Wilcox – Managing Director of Digital Craftsmen, Paul Orrock – Technical Director of Digital Craftsmen, Matthew Middleton-Leal – Managing Director UK, Ireland and Africa at Qualys, one of the largest global Cyber Security software businesses, Paul Baird – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Qualys, Brian Brackenborough – CISO at Channel 4, and Barry Coatesworth – Director with Guidehouse’s Global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ES&I) Practice. Together, these experts have accumulated well over a century of cyber security experience between them.

After the first broadcast, a series of cyber security guides and white papers from the experts featured in the programme will be available from In the spirit of offering guidance and support, if after watching the programme a director wanted to message one of the experts, they are invited to email

The aspects and cyber security issues associated with information technology are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme: “Cyber Trends” which welcomes exciting businesses embracing digital transformation.

Digital Craftsmen offer a full range of Cyber Security Services including Infrastructure-as-a-Service design and build are experts in cloud hosting. Digital Craftsmen security services are fully verified by ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accreditations.

Qualys offer a cloud-based solution that detects vulnerabilities on all networked assets, including servers, network devices. and workstations. Qualys can assess any device that has an IP address.

‘Cyber Trends’ will be the first broadcast on our usual channel, SKY 181, Sunday 23rd October @ 10 am and then again on, Sunday 20th November @ 10 am.

After the initial broadcast, the programme will be available at with the rest of our digital archive.

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