Cutting Edge Engineering

Posted on: 08/06/2018

Executive TV are happy to announce Cutting Edge Engineering, the next addition to our long running series Manufacturing The Future. This program features a wide ranging discussion of the challenges facing the British engineering sector and how the UK industry can succeed in the global economy.

Britain has a long industrial heritage and despite the changing environment the UK’s manufacturing industry continues to lead the world in innovation and design. Companies in the UK do face stiff challenges from many sides but factors like automation and world leading development continue to make the UK a force in the global industry. With the imminent arrival of industry 4.0 many British manufacturers are set to reinvent their businesses and redefine their whole sectors.

This program brings together three precision engineering firms from across the UK. Brafe are one of the UK’s leading foundry operators who have grown their business to include machinging, finishing and fabrication. 3D Squared offer cutting edge engineering services for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping aimed at improving the speed of development. Threadmaster Gauges are a major name in precision engineering, delivering gauging and quality assurance to a global base of demanding industries.

Cutting Edge Engineering will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 185) on Sunday 10th of June at 10.30am, and repeated on Sunday 1st of July at 10.30am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.