Green Waste Management broadcast

Posted on: 25/02/2016

Green Waste Management broadcasts on Sky 189, Sunday 28th February 10:30am.

This programme explores the pioneering innovation and technology within the UK waste and recycling sectors. We interviewed 3 leading players to assess the latest opportunities, challenges and best practice within green waste management.

CIWM interview.png

We interviewed The Chartered Institute of Waste Management who have led the resource and waste management evolution, promoting excellence and best practice that protects the environment and people and realises the true economic and environmental benefits of effective resource management.

LKM Recycling one of the largest and respected materials recycling companies in the country explain their processes and how they’ve minimised their impact to the environment. They discuss how our recycling industry can regain the ground on other European countries.

Compactors Direct discuss the need for environmental strategies and the benefits these have to companies and the wider environment. They look at regulatory and compliance requirements and how zero to landfill plans can improve a businesses sustainability.

This broadcasts on Sky 189 Sunday 28th February 10:30am.

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