Digital Transformation: Supporting the Public Sector

Published on: 03/08/2020


The so called ‘digital revolution’ has brought a wealth of change to the Public Sector, making real gains where it’s needed most and the outbreak of Covid-19 was something of a watershed moment, where reliance on digital technology proved to be necessary.

In this programme 'Supporting the Public Sector' we spoke to industry leaders who are bringing a unique approach to digital transformation.

Opus 2 is a legal technology specialist with vast experience of legal proceedings. They work closely with lawyers to create solutions that make them more effective every day.

SHL brings powerful and transparent AI technology, data science, and objectivity to help companies attract, develop, and grow the workforce they need to succeed in the digital era.

Commsworld is a leading UK Telecommunications Network Provider and ISP. They manage and control the largest privately funded Optical Core network in the UK with extensive on-net Metro reach.

Published Date: 03/08/2020