A Green Approach: The James Hutton Institute

Published on: 25/09/2023


Farming and food production are arguably the most essential industries for human survival. With an ever-increasing global population and the challenges related to climate change, research into this field is proving vital for ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

Given the challenges to our food security and the industries which rely on certain crops such as beer, whisky, fast food, hospitality and livestock, the James Hutton Institute carries out pioneering research in the labs and outside at its campus near Dundee. Barley is a key crop that supports these industries, and a focus of modern research.

Glensaugh Farm is the James Hutton Institute’s research farming area based in Aberdeenshire. It aims to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises with transformative farming and technological innovations. The Institute use their science and research to have a climate positive impact not only in the UK but globally.

These topics, and more, will be the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme “A Green Approach: The James Hutton Institute” featuring insight from the James Hutton Institute, showcasing their ground-breaking work.

The James Hutton Institute is a globally recognised research organisation delivering fundamental and applied science to drive the sustainable use of land and natural resources.

First broadcast on Sky CH 588 on Sunday, 24th September at 2:00 P.M and then again on Sunday, 8th October at 2:00 P.M.


Published Date: 25/09/2023