Hello Sunshine!

Posted on: 19/07/2016


Behold! We’ve just had the hottest day of the year! While some are frolicking around in their summer shorts or dresses, there are those who cannot stand the heat. Well, we can’t exactly blame them as the UK isn’t always blessed with sunshine and rainless days; they probably aren’t aware of how to handle the invasive weather.

On another note- as school holidays are about to start in a couple of days, people are gearing up travel for their summer getaway. And for those who’ve not booked anything yet, now is the best time to do so as many holiday package deals are available at travel agencies and holiday websites. Go and top up on your tan by the Mediterranean Sea, or go on the safari of your lifetime; there are no shortages of options available out there.

But why not take the opportunity to explore Britain this year? As much as we’d all like to get aware and explore a different exotic shore, Britain has varieties to offer in terms of holidays. Whether you usually opt for beach holidays, camping, or you’d rather play some golf; there are many resorts and holiday destinations within the UK that may just entice you. Plus, spending money in the UK equals to contributing to the economy (wink, wink).