A “SAD” Summer’s Day

Posted on: 01/08/2016


Where has our summer gone? From heatwave predictions to dark and gloomy days; it seems like it will be a typical British summer this year as well. In our previous blog, we had mentioned how it would be a fantastic choice to stay in Britain this year and make the most of the rarely seen sunshine on this soil. How wrong were we?!

One might ask, “What’s the big deal?”. You’re right; what’s the big deal? It’s no big deal if we don’t get enough sunlight, right? Well, no. Sunlight exposure is essential for vitamin D, which is beneficial for our bones. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to the weakening of bones, making them weak and soft, which could ultimately lead to bone deformities. A lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets in children, and osteomalacia in adults.

Vitamin D supplements are available at an array of health stores. Certain foods also provide some vitamin D, such as in oily fish like salmon and sardines, eggs and red meat.

Has one ever noticed how some people feel “sad” when the weather is grey and are more energetic and upspring when the sun is shining brightly? They may possibly be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that occurs in a seasonal pattern. Although SAD comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, it can still be severe for some people, making their daily activities difficult to carry out. Some of SAD’s symptoms include lacking energy and feeling sleepy during the day; sleeping more than usual and finding it difficult to wake up in the morning; persistent low mood; losing interest or pleasure in doing everyday tasks; and irritability, amongst other symptoms.

There’s still a whole month left of children’s summer holiday, so why not make the most of it before they join school again? And there are always deals available on the internet where last moment offers are still available. You could choose exotic destinations, such as Dubai or Bali. Or you could go for a much warmer alternative within Europe instead. Not only will the sunshine be good to provide some vitamin D to you, but the break will also be good for your sanity as it would help you unwind and de-stress.