5 tips for professional blogging

Posted on: 18/09/2014

  1. Take advantage of the knowledge around you

While I am in charge of the blog, you may have noticed guest posts from some of our film-makers. One wrote a great piece about what life is actually like for a working filmmaker. I also got all of the filmmakers giving advice on how they got into the industry. This is a great way to generate interesting content and you’d be amazed by how much interesting knowledge your colleagues have…Unless you work in computer programming. That really is dull!

  1. Create a distinctive voice

No one wants to read a monotonous, key-word heavy article that is overly serious. Companies are now using blogs to generate huge amounts of traffic towards their business. They don’t do this by droning on about their USP’s and their ROI, they do this by engaging with people in a fun way. Blogs are a great way to represent your business in an informal and conversational manner. If you get people enjoying the tone of the writing they’ll probably come back.

  1. Engage with people

However snappily written a blog is, if you’re not engaging with people you won’t find regular readers. For every blog post you write I’d recommend tweeting about it 50 times. Tweet directly to people who you think will or should be interested. Tell them why they should read it. I tweeted several film professionals, who were tweeting about film distribution. I sent them a relevant post about the best film distribution companies. Write a broad range of posts but send each one to relevant people. Otherwise people will tune out. Once you’ve lost a reader you never get them back.

  1. Build a list of readers

Each time someone retweets your post or leaves a comment you should take the time to add them to a database. It’s easy on Twitter to create a list of people who engage, and add everyone who retweets to it. You can then send out links to your blog to an initial wave of people who are likely to retweet or respond. This will start generating a small wave of readers.

Don’t take these people for granted. Just because they like your great blog doesn’t mean they don’t have interesting things to say themselves. Don’t be that friend who constantly asks for favours but goes quiet when they’re asked to return one. Retweet and comment on their best tweets or blog posts. You never know, some of these people could be great guest bloggers

  1. Do things differently

Getting traction online is hard and blogging is very competitive. You have to stand out from everyone else. Mix it up. Don’t churn out the same content or follow the same style as your rivals. Keep it interesting by alternating between catchy written blogs, with video or audio blogs. You’d be amazed how many people will click on a video instead of reading a blog. If you use video, it has to be relevant and I’d back it up with snappy, engaging writing. Use a quick, funny video to introduce the title of your blog post. I should have done that for this post, but I didn’t have the time.

One extra lesson:

Find the time! Blogging is about persistence and dedication. You can always find an extra few minutes to spice up your blog post.

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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986