5 more tips for professional blogging

Posted on: 19/09/2014

  1. Keep your old posts visible

If you’re blogging every day you will quickly build up an archive of articles. If you’re not careful, readers will only see your top few blog posts. If using WordPress, you include widgets which list your top read posts, or your most recent posts. This is an unthreatening way to encourage readers to work through your older posts. If they see a huge list of 20 blog posts they may not know where to start.

Insert hyperlinks to relevant, older blog posts within your text. This is easy to do and if done cleverly can keep people active on your blog for longer. Internal links also improve your google ranking. As do relevant, external links like I did there. Try to include 2 internal and 2 external links in each post. This will slowly see your blog become more visible to google. It takes time though.

  1. Use guest bloggers

Through being active on Twitter, encouraged in yesterday’s post, you will quickly come across leading bloggers in your industry. Approach the best ones and pick their brains. Ask them if they’d like to write a guest post for your blog. If they do they will probably bring their readers over to your blog, at least temporarily. Alternatively you can interview guest bloggers, like we did with Sport Lobster’s Social Media Manager Harry Hugo. Their online followers meant that this piece has been the most read piece to date.

  1. Find a unique perspective

There is no point blogging about something that doesn’t interest you. Your lack of passion will come across to your readers. Even if you have to write about a topic that doesn’t interest you, find a fresh perspective. Write about why it doesn’t interest you. Try coming at a topic from a completely different angle and you may well strike a chord with readers.

  1. Use current news stories

Writing about a current news story that is generating a lot of interest can be a good way to drive readers to your blog. For instance I wrote about our Responsible Transportation and I linked it into a story about the huge increase in UK train fares. This gives you a crafty way to tap into a huge discussion and redirect them slightly to your blog.

  1. Use catchy headlines

It’s no good writing a sizzling hot blog post if the headline doesn’t grab readers by the er… gonads. Grab their attention with a bold headline that tells them why they should read your blog. This again ties into finding a unique perspective. You then need to hit your reader with a punchy headline. The shorter the better. Have several attempts at re-writing it to get it as short and bold as possible. Try to find the most outrageous title for your posts, then taper it down slightly if need be. It has to be different to every other blog title about that topic and has to entice the reader into reading.

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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986