The Value of Data in the Modern World

Published on: 26/04/2022


Executive TV's latest programme: “Digital Transformation: The Value of Data in the Modern World,” welcomes three exciting businesses at the cutting edge of digital transformation.

Zero Burden Services are the leading managed services solution provider for lost property issues. They provide a comprehensive approach to asset recovery, from initial discovery and location through to safekeeping and disposition, with transparent reporting throughout — and their digital systems rank among the most sophisticated in the industry.

Make Time Count is a UK based social enterprise committed to providing digital solutions that help the most vulnerable. 51% of all profits generated from these activities will be re-invested into a fund to support companies started by vulnerable individuals.

Brainbow Disrupt are a software development company working with government bodies to transform their processes and technologies using the very latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data science techniques. Their aim is to empower people through technology rather than constrain them by it.

Published Date: 26/04/2022