The Drive Towards Sustainable Energy

Published on: 03/04/2023


The unique challenges and solutions are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme, “The Drive Towards Sustainable Energy”, which features insight into the industry’s latest developments, with commentary from key experts in the field.

Alba Energy connect various small hydroelectric producers in Scotland, making use of the region’s most abundant resource.

BHA-British Hydropower Association -the only non-governmental trade membership organisation dedicated to representing the interests of the UK hydropower community.

Echion Technologies Ltd produce industry-level niobium-based anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, delivering long life cycle, superfast charging capability, and outstanding safety.

Logan Energy Ltd design, develop, manufacture and install hydrogen energy and technology projects. Powering the future-Today.

First broadcast on SKY Digital 181 on Sunday 02nd April @10.30 (am), then again on Sunday 07th May @ 10.30 (am)

Published Date: 03/04/2023