Renewable Energy - Releasing Power & Potential”

Published on: 14/11/2022


Executive TV’s latest programme: Renewable Energy - Releasing Power & Potential” has expert analysis from three organisations contributing to the national environmental effort:

The Orkney Islands Council is the local authority for Orkney, Scotland. The council is dedicated to the environmental agenda, advocating for responsible waste management and recycling as well as supporting the generation of renewable energy by utilising their significant wind resource through the operation of turbines throughout the island.

Natural Power is an independent consultant and service provider dedicated to green projects only. With experience at every phase of the project lifecycle, Natural Power’s objective is to support a low-carbon economy by delivering safe, clean, reliable and competitive renewable energy.

StoreElectric facilitates the growing Hydrogen economy with cost-effective Hydrogen production and storage and enables renewables to power the grid with long-duration, large-scale energy storage. Their technology utilises underground salt caverns for large-scale long-duration green energy storage, integrating them with renewable energy generation, CAES electrolysis, and fuel synthesis, supporting both electricity and gas grids, and interconnectors.

First broadcast on our usual channel, SKY Digital 181, Sunday 13th November @10.30 am and then again on, Sunday 18th December @10.30 am.

Published Date: 14/11/2022