Public Sector Transformation

Published on: 11/03/2019


Public Sector Transformation looks at how digital technology is having a dramatic impact on the way people engage with the public sector and how the public sector is harnessing the latest benefits that technology has to offer.

In this programme we hear from a range of companies who are working with the public sector to provide innovative digital solutions. Deep3 create mission critical software and have expertise in some of the most challenging operational environments. DF2020’s flagship product Chatbot Author transforms complex knowledge into a valuable form of new big data, generating real-time business intelligence. Ekko Group creates software to help businesses measure success, support engagement and boost customer experience. Microsoft UK are working directly to digitally transform their government, justice, defence and health customers. We also hear from Kettering General Hospital about how they are boosting patient experience with the help of automated digital solutions.

Published Date: 11/03/2019