Public Sector Solutions

Published on: 11/04/2019


Innovative IT solutions are no longer a novelty, but expected. They are now seen as a potential solution to all problems and have become ubiquitous in both the public and private sectors. However, for the public sector, finding the right solution entails a number of challenges. In Public Sector Solutions, we look at how digitalisation is opening up new horizons for the public sector by offering new platforms for interacting with citizens, streamlined and integrated services, and IT for analytics in research. We hear from a range of companies who are working with the public sector to provide IT solutions. DPS Software provide legal IT solutions and in-house. Thumbtel make employee communication more straightforward with their easy to use apps, Another Number and Hullomail. DPOrganiser help privacy professionals and organisations manage their processing of personal data with their powerful Software-as-a-Service.

Published Date: 11/04/2019