Procurement & Compliance in the Digital Age

Published on: 21/12/2020


In governmental services especially, the motivation to speed up processes and streamline delivery has never been higher, especially because they are faced by a demanding public who don’t always understand why their needs aren’t being met at the push of a button.

 A vast array of companies has tried to sell their solution, believing a one-size fits all approach to be the best way forward but, as you will learn, this is not always the case.

On this programme; Procurement & Compliance in the Digital Age we have analysis from experts at the frontline of delivery including:

CURSHAW are a commercial transformation consultancy that specialises in Private Finance Initiaitve (PFI) and Procurement and Supply of digital. CURSHAW are a team of experts in procuring digital, data, technology, and cloud. They are leaders in engaging with the digital industry and helping digital teams run complaint and value for money-based procurement and contract management activities to deliver 3rd party digital services.

TCW is a truly revolutionary software solution. Enabling you to pinpoint areas of concern automatically, assess your entire asset register and re-deploy skilled engineers where they are required.

Barbal is a collaborative document editor for contracts, specifications and policies, ensuring painless contributions from different teams, independent approvals for separate changes, total version control and a full audit trail and records of contributions, changes and decisions.


Published Date: 21/12/2020