New Technologies & New Possibilities

Published on: 02/10/2023


Executive TV’s latest programme “New Technologies and New Possibilities” featuring analyses from key industry experts.

Fischer Farms The future of farming- creating a revolution in farming with its scalable, next generation, ‘Vertical Farms. Providing a more resilient and sustainable way to feed the world.

Spirit Energy are award winning designers and installers of renewable energy, energy storage and management systems. Specialising in on-grid and off-grid solar PV, battery storage, and EV charger installation.

STATS Group are market leaders in the supply of pressurised pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services for a safer global energy industry.

First broadcast on our new lunchtime business hour on SKY 588 on Sunday, 1st October at 1:30 P.M and again, on Sunday, 5th November at 1:30 P.M.


Published Date: 02/10/2023