Manufacturing & Supply - Meeting the Needs of UK Industry

Published on: 11/04/2023


As with all other thriving sectors, UK manufacturing and supply networks have their own hurdles. In recent years, global supply chains have experienced significant disruptions due to the pandemic and the lingering effects of Brexit. Those across UK industry had to rethink the structure of their production and distribution approach addressing fluctuating prices, limited availability of materials and significant lead times.

Alongside the need for Investment, equally important is the development of skills and training and the opportunities for an ever changing demographic and allowing the next generation to become a truly sustainable workforce.

These developments are the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme, “Manufacturing and Supply - Meeting the Needs of UK Industry”, featuring discussion and analysis from a number of Industry leaders:

Danecca Ltd are specialists in battery engineering

Mark3D UK Ltd are UK leaders in the world of 3D printing

YB Fixings Ltd distribute many types of fixings, fasteners for the industrial, construction and modular industries.

First broadcast on SKY Digital 181 on Sunday 9th April @10.30 (am), then again on Sunday 14th May @ 10.30 (am).

Published Date: 11/04/2023