Innovative Manufacturing

Published on: 13/06/2022


In this programme “Manufacturing the Future: Innovative Manufacturing,” we look at three exciting businesses on the forefront of these new emerging manufacturing techniques.

3DGBIRE are at the forefront of additive manufacturing solutions, offering a 360-degree service which includes personalised consultations, training, technical support and even a print bureau service. They partner with other companies to help them make the most of this innovative technology.

Yamato Scale Data Weigh Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, based in Leeds, is the UK business of Yamato, a leading global manufacturer of commercial weighing equipment with over 100 years’ manufacturing experience. As a pioneer of multihead weighing technology, Yamato provides multihead weighers that are both eco-friendly and innovative to meet the needs of manufacturers today.

CCR Forming LTD is a world leader in the manufacture of precision cold roll formed metal rings produced from coil, strip or sheet, aided with over 40 years of experience in the industry providing manufacturing excellence to a global community.

Published Date: 13/06/2022