Innovation in the Renewable Sector

Published on: 09/10/2023


Executive TV’s latest programme “Innovation in the Renewable Sector” featuring analyses from key industry experts.

Codford Biogas is an industrial processor of food waste located on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain, processing through Anaerobic Digestion- energising your waste.

Armour Edge is a game-changing solution to the costly problem of leading edge erosion on wind turbine blades- Revolutionising turbine blade protection.

Callidus are one of the UK’s leading purveyors and installers of solar panels and solar energy solutions. Specialists in off grid, solar and battery storage, based in Newton Abbot in Devon.

First broadcast on SKY 588 on Sunday, 8th October at 1:30 P.M and again, on Sunday, 12th November at 1:30 P.M.


Published Date: 09/10/2023