Green Technology in Transportation: The Road for Change

Published on: 29/12/2020


The pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050 has concentrated the focus on green energy. Government bodies are keen to invest in new technology, develop clean energy solutions and improve air quality, while also keeping important processes moving. What impact these changes will bring long-term is not certain but what is clear is that with each change, so too must we adapt. For the commercial vehicles of today to remain relevant and not be resigned to the history books, companies embracing digital transformation are keen to find the perfect solution.

In this programme, “Green Technology in Transformation; The Road for Change” we spoke to YOYO MultiDrops LTD about their new system, a patented interchangeable body system that can be installed on any manufacturer’s new or existing cab. It enables vehicles to become multi-purpose, drop empty loads, pick up full loads, or swap loads to electric vehicles for last mile deliveries in zero emission zones. Making the YOYO MultiDrops system a ground-breaking new step towards a greener society.

This programme aims to highlight their work, how it affects us and what it means for the future.

Published Date: 29/12/2020