Green Tech in Transportation: Fuelling Evolution

Published on: 19/10/2021


The fight against climate change is an undertaking reserved for those of us rapt with unwavering determination. The challenges sit at every level, from industry to government push back, and require not only hard work but also that know-how so typical to those bright-eyed movers and shakers that we refer to as innovators. In the transport sector, it is their technology that will put us on the right track.

This is the focus of Executive Tv’s latest programme: “Green Technology in Transportation: Fuelling Evolution,” which welcomes G-Volution, an innovative developer of dual fuel engines, built as a highly efficient step forwards to a greener future. Their purpose: To bring affordable lower carbon and emission solutions to transport and power generation around the world.

G-Volution’s technology permits the diesel engine to evolve while adopting cheaper, cleaner and renewable fuels. Not only this but by utilizing alternative fuels that are in abundance, you are able to reduce the use of more expensive fuels out there, such as methane, ultimately saving you money.

Joining them are Grand Central, an open access train company by Arriva, whose bold vision of a carbon-neutral future lead them into collaboration with G-Volution. From the get-go, they foresaw the growing need to shift their fleet to greener, more efficient fuels.

Published Date: 19/10/2021