Green Agenda The Environmental Industrial Processv

Published on: 05/12/2022


The focus of Executive TV’s latest programme: Green Agenda: The Environmental Industrial Process” with expert analysis from three organisations at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

CEM Solutions offer products and services to cover all aspects of monitoring emissions to air and process control. CEM install and commission bespoke turnkey systems, fully containerised or built in-house to precise specifications.

Hydro Genie Systems offer a retrofit, heat enhancement energy saving & carbon reduction solution for existing fossil-fuelled heating boilers. Providing control over its patented fluid dynamics that create free heat, a Hydro Genie System removes the dissolved oxygen from the circulating water which is the cause of rust and sludge build-up

Norco Group are independent specialists in stored electrical energy systems with unrivalled experience and expertise in the delivery of innovative solutions to support the demand for battery-backed systems across a wide range of applications.

First broadcast on SKY Digital 181, Sunday 4th December @10.00 am and then again on, Sunday 8th January 2023 @10.00 am.

Published Date: 05/12/2022